Make any underwear leak-proof

for menstruation, incontinence or use as a pantyliner

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Bring a spare pad anywhere

leak free and discreet

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Earth minded reusables

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a waste-free lunch solution

chique and compact on the go

Washable designs to

Style your bathroom

Easy to use, easy to wash

darner design’s reusables

Redefine what we waste

Starting habits with less waste make a huge difference every day. To your body, and to our environment
Start making small changes daily
Even if you replace just one pad with a washable option
You will save at least 200 pads from landing in the landfill
Your skin will thank you, as will the earth

Shop lunch reusables


Come in many prints and fold perfectly into your bag or backpack.

Easy to pack your bread, buns or muffins with the earth in mind



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