Start an earth-minded habit

and reduce waste



by darner design

Three sizes

For light days, or a pantiliner:
get the Light Laney

Out and about on your period?
Always bring an Original Ola

Ready for bed? Or just having a heavy day?
Snap on the Night Nisha

Comfortable, dry and sustainable!

An organic cotton wicking top, an inner super absorbency layer and waterproof under-seal

Get three for a period,
Wash- and use again and again!

Use year after year
For less than the cost of one year of single-use pads

One period kit- comes with three of each size and should get you through your period every month WASTE FREE!

Changing pads on the go?

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Earth friendly habits

from waste to wash can make a big difference

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How much waste can single use pads make per year in one small country?

We did a small calculation for the Dutch population:

Women aged 15 to 50 in the Netherlands = 3,786,497

Average number of pads per period = 6 (very conservative and does not include pantyliners, some may use tampons)
about 12 periods per year

Dutch women are throwing away more than
272, 000, 000 pads per YEAR!!!

(that’s a conservative estimate)

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How much can reusable pads save YOU per year?

Check it out:

Lets say you use 4 regular pads with wings, 4 night pads and 8 pantyliners per month of the store bought (budget) pads….

That’s (on average) 6,50€ per month

12 periods per year that’s……

78€ per year wasted!!!!
(more than the price of one reusable pad kit! which of course will last for years!)
…… for at least 30, if you’re lucky;)

That’s €2340 EURO!!!! Wasted….

Say Goodbye to single-use pads

start wasting less:


Save hundreds on sanitary products… go on vacation!


Just wash with the rest!

Putting the pads in the wash with the other clothes is no problem. The mess will dissolve easily, and the pad just get more absorbent with each wash!


An organic pad you just throw in the wash
and use again
Start an earth minded habit

Reusable pads

They come in different sizes
for different flows,
they come in sets or singles
ready for use and no need for pre-washing