Start an earth-minded habit and reduce waste



by darner design

more comfort. less waste.

How much WASTE could you save?

Just ONE single reusable pad replaces +200 single use pads!
If every woman in the Netherlands used these for just one year, we would save 3000 TONS of waste.
Every small step makes a VERY big difference

Think about what you put on your most sensitive area

Single-use pads are not only bad for the environment. They contain synthetic plastics and phthalates that irritate the skin. Long term exposure to these can cause rashes and even increase cramps and discomfort during periods.

Isn’t it a hassle?

Just wash in your usual laundry! NO pre-rinsing needed. Together with your undies or dark colours at 40-60°
then, dry use again and again!
Give it a go!

Earth friendly habits are easy

Available in four sizes

Three discreet colours

Changing pads on the go?

Organic Cotton softness
no more chaffing

Comfortable and sustainable

An organic cotton antimicrobial wicking top, an inner super absorbency layer and waterproof under-seal

More absorbent with each wash

Costs less than one year of single-use pads, use for years

One period kit- comes with three of each size and should get you through your period every month

An organic pad to throw in the wash
and use again
Start an earth minded habit

Reusable pads