Our Mission

To create beautiful reusable products with the earth in mind.

Our Vision

We believe that self care, and earth care can be one and the same. If we start small earth friendly habits,we can make a difference in our own lives and eventually we can change our world. We can create a culture in which we consider the earth as our home, and our health as our single most important resource. We try every day to think about our health- our clean air and our clean earth depends on every one of us. We can make a difference with small steps, every day.

Our Commitment

We commit to helping our community battle menstrual poverty by supporting the armoedefonds and other organizations in this essential human rights campaign. Women in any country should be supported. Despite every female experiencing the need for period products: they are not always accessible (or affordable) to everyone that needs them. Period products are also not always benign- for the users themselves or for the environment. We’ve ignored the reality of our physical needs as humans for long enough, it’s time to face the reality, and realize that the needs of half the population are different from those of the male-standard. Darner design would like to acknowledge that not all females are equally privileged about the consequences of menstruation. Even here, every little bit helps. 

For this reason we offer workshops and give back in several ways in the Netherlands and abroad.

The Team

Darner design is still a small local business. We are always looking for collaborators and opportunities to take darner design to the next stage, but for now, we’re just two. Mostly just one, with a loving and willing volunteer in tow- thanks Rutger 😉


Founder and enthusiastic maker


Patient webmaster and cheer bringer