What makes darner pads so special?

The fabric is one of the most important features of darner design pads.
It is main reason that we make and sell them in the first place.

The first darner design workshop at the incredible makerspace: CODA ExperienceLab !!!

Darner design hosted its first DIY reusable pad workshop at the amazing CODA ExperienceLab in Apeldoorn. Hopefully it won’t be the last! Check out the blog about this inspiring event

A pragmadvocate talks about periods, taboos and women’s rights

The Coles notes: A pragmatist maker becomes an advocate by talking about the uncomfortable. Honestly, I didn’t realise when I started making reusable pads just how uncomfortable talking…

Habits are powerful – they shape your life and reflect what you are

These are stalactites.  I photographed them on our trip to Mallorca last week. The quickest growing stalactites can grow just one tenth of a millimeter per year… So…