Frequently Asked Questions


Things you might be wondering
about reusable pads

Care and use

Yep! Just put them in the laundry with your other dirty clothes on medium temperature (~40°) – no bleach. Black or dark pads also mean less visible staining anyway. Air dry or in the dryer without any chemical softeners (they can hinder absorbtion). Otherwise, any detergent is fine, same for your clothing. The pads will get more absorbent with each wash!

They should last between 5-10 years, depending on the care they get! Renewing the stash is always useful, just like getting a new pair of undies ;)

I tested the Original reusable pads (M) before the first wash, and they immediately absorbed 3x their weight. They get more absorbent with each wash up to 10x their weight. The Night Pads have a double layer of absorbency, so they should start at 6x their weight- night pads have a larger surface area to absorb more as well. Small and extra small are the same thickness and absorbency as the Ola's but slightly smaller in size- usually handy for the light days, or as a pantyliner. Read about what the pads are made of here.

No, but like any other menstrual product they have limitations. The pad itself will not leak, but the undies are not vacuum sealed, so with a heavy flow-changing the pad more frequently will be necessary. Try a set to see how often a change is needed with a day in your period. Some can leave one in for the day, other need to change the pad twice or maybe more.

How many pads do you usually need per day (you may use slightly fewer reusables since they're much more comfortable and absorbent), multiply that by the number of days between washing, add a couple overnight pads. If you're ready to have waste-free periods we recommend the Sister set Period Kit. It's a great starter pack and will get you through your period comfortably and sustainably!

That's why we designed the Carly carrying pouch

Just bring a fresh one with you in the pouch when you leave the house, and bring the used one back in the same pouch! When at home, put both pouch and pad in the wash! Easy.

We posted a whole blog post on the special stuff that makes darner design pads possible, but the short answer is: mostly organic cotton, and a PUL layer. To read the particulars read full post here

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Shipping and Return policy

Due to the nature of the product, we can not accept returns, but if there is a defect in the product that renders it unusable, please take a photo and contact me, we can discuss options for replacement or refund within 45 days of receipt for cloth pads, and 30 days for other items.

If you have any additional feedback regarding the pads or other products please contact me and let me know.
I want to make good quality products that will last for years, and that you would be happy to recommend to others. Each small steps we all make towards sustainable, earth-minded living goes a long way.