Where to find us

DA Drogisterij & Parfumerie Bourquin, Wijhe


Darner design pads and carry pouches are available at the DA in Wijhe. It’s a lovely shop where you can find many natural, healthy products. The advice is excellent and the product selection is top notch! Come check it out!

DA Drogisterij & Parfumerie Bourquin Wijhe ligt midden in een gezellige winkelstraat in Wijhe, vlakbij de mooie Nicolaaskerk. Je vindt hier alles op het gebied van gezondheid, schoonheid en verzorging. Kom langs en laat je adviseren!



Gimsel / De Groenterij in Apeldoorn


This year darner design pads and carry pouches are available at the Gimsel in Apeldoorn! This is an amazing organic supermarket with something for every foodie, and every diet. They also have an excellent collection of zero waste household items!

Al 34 jaar leverert Gimsel biologische food- en non-food producten in de regio Apeldoorn. De biologische vers­producten worden meerdere malen per week aangevoerd. Ook heel veel leuke zero waste producten, kado’s en vers brood en kaas!



Online shops


Darner design is now also available at other online stores like Katoen en Ko. They have an amazing variety of washable and reusable menstrual products, check them out:)

Darner design is nu ook beschikbaar bij Katoen en Ko. Ze hebben daar veel verschillende opties aan duurzame menstruatie producten!

Ben jij ook een online winkel en wil graag samen werken?
Stuur mij een berichtje! info @ darnerdesign.nl




Markets, fairs and workshops

Zero waste week Apeldoorn workshops
CODA museum Experience Lab

 Darner design is a proud participant of Zero Waste Week in Apeldoorn. Every year darner design hosts a DIY workshop: for menstrual pads, but also other great reusanle household items that are fun and easy to make! Join me this year in Apeldoorn making reusable sandwich bags and wraps!


Workshop- Sustainable Menstruation

Darner design and the green office in wageningen have had a sustainable menstruation workshop to make your own menstrual pad! The collaboration with Wageningen green office and the student council is ongoing as they are also giving away free darner design pads on campus! 



Markets and Fairs

You might just see us as the Maakfestival in Groningen, or the ladies fair or Moenfestival. Love to engage with people and chat about the taboos surrounding menstruation, and why washing out menstrual blood is NOT unhygienic. It washes out in the laundry, the other clothes don’t get red! It works, and you know what? If also feels amazing. Markets are always a lot of fun and a lot of energy! Come find darner design at some of these fairs!