The first darner design workshop at the incredible makerspace: CODA ExperienceLab !!!

The first darner design workshop at the incredible makerspace: CODA ExperienceLab !!!

Have you ever heard of ZERO WASTE WEEK?

It’s a sustainability movement starting in many different cities. The municipality of Apeldoorn made this autumn weeklong event memorable for a couple of years now, and this year it week was no exception!! It was my first year joining the event as an exhibitor at the zero-waste market on Sunday, where I met the lovely ladies from Stichting DaCapo and the friendly fellows from different walks of the sustainability world, from authors to candle-makers.

The best part of the week was….

OF COURSE at the CODA museum in Apeldoorn, at the incredible ExperienceLab: where I gave my very first darner design workshop! This space is a maker’s dream come true! I mean, the freedom! Here you can make just about anything. They have a lasercutter, a 3D printer, an 12spool embroidery machine, a foodprinter… YOU NAME IT! I mean… there’s no limit really…. Not only that though: there are also at least four sergers (lockmachines in Dutch), and just as many sewing machines. This is place is real place, and they gave darner design the morning for a workshop. I’m very grateful, to say the least. Along for the ride for the first workshop were five brave women, who used the morning to make their own reusable pads and waterproof pouches!!!

We made an Original Ola or Light Laney (or both!), or several of each! There was enough time to also make a personalised Carly Carry Pouch. Honestly, this whole morning was so rewarding. Just seeing everyone sew something for themselves (many sewing for the first time ever, and trying out a serger machine is also a new experience. Being able to make something sustainable and useful…. Even just chatting about our own period preferences and what the motivations are behind being there, was just pure JOY!

It was so much fun, and I really hope we can repeat the experience again at CODA in the new year. Will definitely keep you posted via instagram and facebook with new workshop dates! Who knows maybe even figure out a way to book workshops with darner design right from here! Feel free to contact me for more details if you’re interested making your own or arranging a workshop!

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