Our commitment to menstrual freedom

menstrual freedom is not just about period poverty

What is period poverty?

The lack of adequate resources — basic supplies, facilities, information, and support — for managing periods

Systemic injustices can limit the access to menstrual hygiene products for many people around the world. There is an overwhelming population that can not afford period products. In the Netherlands, 1 in 10, in the US: 1 in 5 and in Canada 1 in 4 women struggle has to choose between buying period products of other daily life essentials (such as food) because of cost.

What is menstrual freedom?

Being able to experience the menstrual period in a safe and dignified way

Being able to live with a menstruating body without fear for your physical health, without shame and without limiting any of life’s activities.

Systemic injustices can limit the access to menstrual hygiene products for many people around the world. This limits anyone who menstruates from living freely. Even when period products are available; there is still a huge stigma surrounding menstruation all over the world.

darner design hosts workshops to make your own pad, these often lead to some open and insightful discussion about periods, cycles and all that may have once been taboo. Check out the workshop blog here and one about the menstration taboo. Talking about it openly and freely is just one way to set an example for menstrual freedom.

darner design donates reusable pads

We support local programs against menstrual poverty

For every set of three, darner design sends a reusable pad to the dutch campaign against period poverty. Every year we send a large box of products and are openly supporting any local community centres and municipalities in providing free menstrual products.


number of donated period products

darner design the local campaigns against menstrual poverty

Support international organizations for education and menstrual health

Help fund international organizations for menstrual health in their local communities

This Zambian organization works with local schools and local companies to provide menstrual products and education.

If you can, help them by clicking here to donate.