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Payments and Billing

Payments through our webshop are provided by Mollie Payments Foundation. Mollie is our partner in the field of online payments. Mollie provides secure processing of payments for a large number of webshops. You will be guided to a secure payment system once ready to place the order.

With Mollie you can pay using Credit Card, iDEAL or PayPal

iDEAL is the online payment system developed by the largest banks in the Netherlands. If you bank with one of the banks below, you can pay via iDEAL:
• ASN Bank
• Friesland Bank
• Rabobank
• Region Bank
• SNS Bank
• Triodos Bank
• Van Lanschot Bankiers

With iDEAL you can pay for your purchases directly in your own trusted internet banking environment.

The advantages:
• iDEAL is easy and fast to use, all payment details are entered for you and you are immediately informed of the successful payment.
• iDEAL is payment via your own internet banking, so it is trusted and safe.
• You can pay directly with iDEAL, you do not need to register or create an account.
• iDEAL is a direct payment method.