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reusable pad sets

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      This one fits most, the Medium regular flow pads comfortably catches the regular flow of my period, leak free.

      Both Small and Medium pads are the same thickness! Just 2-4 mm. They differ in length and widths only, to provide the right about of catch for the right flow.

    • 21,95 

      This set comes with 3 extra small pads. These mini-pads are perfect panty liners, about 2 cm shorter in small pantyliner. They are great to keep the underwear fresh and catch a little spotting or drops. Extra small, small and medium pads are just 2-3 mm thick yet super absorbent.

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      Night pads, or heavy flow pads, the ultimate overnight or heavy period solution- They have an extra layer of absorbency (a super soft bamboo lite top!) for a heavier period flow or night time. They are just slightly thicker yet more than twice as absorbent as the regular and panty-liner options because of the extra top layer and surface area. 

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      The sister set (XS, S, M, L): The perfect combo for a waste free period!
      This kit includes:

      – 2 Extra Small light flow reusable pantiliners
      – 2 Small light flow reusable pantiliners
      – 2 Medium reusable pads regular flow
      – 2 Large Night pads for heavy flow (in every set-colour these are always light grey with black bamboo-cotton inside)

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      The darner design TP set comes with:

      TP wipes: luxury bamboo terry wipes are so soft on the skin, like a spa for every pee. They absorb all the little drips which are not worth the wasted paper. This set comes with 12 wipes

      TP holder: hangs conveniently but very discreetly right under the roll. Grab the luxury bamboo terry TP wipe for the light drips that aren’t worth wasting paper.

      TP laundrybin: This design laundry bin perfectly fits under the toilet, and contains a

      Organic cotton mesh laundry bag, to remove easily when full and wash at 40-60 degrees with a normal load with towel or sheets.