The Original Reusable Pad for Regular flow (Medium)


This pad is just right size-  perfect for a regular period flow, just like the usual pad with wings- but sustainable, soft and earth-minded ! Try them out, and start and earth minded habit, make an easy change towards a waste-free period!

XS, S, and M pads are all just ~2 mm. They differ in length and widths only, to provide the right about of catch for the right flow.

Includes one medium reusable menstrual pad/pantyliner


ULTRA thin, super absorbant, antimicrobial and waterproof : Washable Menstrual Pad
Easy to use, no need to pre-wash, just snap onto your undies, and relax (as much as possible on your period)

After use,  just throw into the washing machine on medium warm. They get more absorbent with each wash, wet pads may need 12h to air dry at room temp, or use the dryer with no softener

  • These pads combine ULTRA thin, super absorbant (start with up to 10x their weight in liquid which improves with washing), waterproof and leak-proof (read about the fabric here)
  • Hypo-allergenic and 100% Free of PFOS, PFOA, lead, dioxins, heavy metals & BPA; and free from phthalates.
  • Antibacterial and safe on skin, so wearing all day is safe and comfortable

Additional information

Weight19 g
Dimensions24 × 9 × 0,3 cm

Antique Rose, Black, Cream, Ocean


snap, velcro


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The Original Reusable Pad for Regular flow (Medium)

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