The Sugarpear : Design facemask with soft wire support

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Wear glasses? No problem!

The ergonomic design is made for glasses wearers, and reduces fog buildup.
Inset wire which forms around nose, and doesn’t pull on the cheeks or fall off nose when talking
Adjustable soft elastic for around the ears, and design shapes nicely under the chin.

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Comes in 3 sizes for optimal fit to cup the chin and nose!


Washable at 30 degrees, and let air dry !

Size guide :
Measure from tip of nose to tip of chin
Small= ~9cm
Medium= ~10cm
Large= ~11cm


small, medium, large

1 review for The Sugarpear : Design facemask with soft wire support

  1. Melissa

    Ugh I’m so sick of wearing masks, but I actually I love this one! It’s very cute and surprisingly *comfortable.* It doesn’t pull on my ears or leave marks on my face, and I can wear it with sunglasses. Great design!!

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