The TP set – a design reusable set for the earth-minded washroom


The darner design TP set comes with:

TP wipes: luxury bamboo terry wipes are so soft on the skin, like a spa for every pee. They absorb all the little drips which are not worth the wasted paper. This set comes with 12 wipes

TP holder: hangs conveniently but very discreetly right under the roll. Grab the luxury bamboo terry TP wipe for the light drips that aren’t worth wasting paper.

TP laundrybin: This design laundry bin perfectly fits under the toilet, and contains a

Organic cotton mesh laundry bag, to remove easily when full and wash at 40-60 degrees with a normal load with towel or sheets.

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Introducing: The darner design TP set!

Enjoy a luxury bamboo terry/organic cotton flannel wipe, easily accessible right under the toilet paper roll. Use to absorb a light drip, and toss it in the matching washbin under the toilet.

To wash all the TP wipes, just remove the whole mesh bag inside, wash all the TP wipes together, ready to be re-used forever!

The set is available in several colour pallets to match any modern earth-minded washroom decor

Additional information

Weight10 g
Dimensions7 × 13 cm
Colour pallet

Anthracite, Earthy, Ecru, Yellow stripe


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The TP set - a design reusable set for the earth-minded washroom

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