What’s a darner?

“DARNER” is an old English word for someone who weaves or stitches
“DARNER” is also a common name for a dragonfly
Dragonflies are one of the first winged insects, and are insanely fast fliers. Plus, they eat mosquitoes. Thanks Darner!

mosaic darner dragonfly, dragonfly, insect-6580844.jpg

It all started …. in nature

These beautiful creatures rely on
biodiverse natural ecosystems: forests,
streams- that where the larvae can develop.

Let’s exist in harmony

Making things with the earth in mind, we are thoughtfully designing products to help reduce our waste-making habits.

The darner design atelier is in the Netherlands. See the contact page for the current studio setup!

Darner design…. started with ecology

The combination of both sewing and science ensures that all the creative energy in one way or another, put to use for to taking care of the Earth, the only home we all have and share.

Even a small change in making less waste goes a long way.
If we start with baby steps we can start integrating Earth-friendly habits in our day to day lives .

small steps go a long way…

It’s the smallest steps that are repeated daily, or regularly that really make all the difference. Less plastic, safe soap, being mindful of what really needs to go in the garbage every little bit counts. Reusable pads are really an easy way to start changing the wasting habit. They are so comfortable, and with the current textile technology, we just don’t have to worry about leakage. This way, we can start to be mindful of the footprint we leave on the planet.

Are you ready to start an earth-friendly habit ?

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