What’s in a name…

What’s a darner?

Darner is a play on words: it is an old English word for someone who weaves or stitches, but also a common name for a dragonfly, my favourite insect. I’m an entomologist, and studied insects for many years, so they have a very special place in my heart and sometimes, on the fabric!

It all started …. in nature

I started sewing for a science experiment during my MSc in Edmonton, Canada. I needed to sew 100 gauze bags to contain caterpillars on pine boughs for an experiment about insect and plant interactions. So, I bought a old Singer sewing machine from ’74…..The rest is history! It all started with every free online pattern, and …. It all got quite got out of hand…

I started making more bags, cases, purses and even my own clothes. During the corona I made a lot of fabric Facemasks (or Mondkapjes, in Dutch).

I realized… I just love making things!

Making things with the earth in mind really brings me joy. I get this feeling of immense gratitude to make something that is useful, simple, thoughtfully designed and in a small way to helps to change our waste-making habits.

I work in a building full of creative makers, at my atelier in “het Paleis” in the city centre of Groningen, the Netherlands

Ecologist at heart

I’m still an ecologist at heart and I want to contribute my creative energies to taking care of the Earth, the only home we all have and share.

Anyone can help with this. We all have habits of making unnecessary waste. It’s a function of our current consumerist culture. I’m guilty too… But I know, if we start with baby steps we can start building Earth-friendly habits.

small steps go a long way…

It’s the smallest steps that are repeated daily, or regularly that really make all the difference. Less plastic, safe soap, being mindful of what really needs to go in the garbage every little bit counts. Reusable pads are really an easy way to start changing the wasting habit. They are so comfortable, and with the current textile technology, we just don’t have to worry about leakage. This way, we can start to be mindful of the footprint we leave on the planet.

Are you ready to start an earth-friendly habit too? Check out our shop.

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